Python Scripting Overview

Learning Python

This page assumes that you are familiar with Python programming, syntax, and usage. If you’re new to Python, consider the book Think Python, available for free on the web or for a small charge on Amazon. The Hitchhikers Guide to Python also provides some practical information and tutorials on getting started.

Getting Started

If you’re new to Nion Swift Python scripts, start here.

Where to Go Next

  1. Follow the Scripting Guide if you haven’t already done so.

  2. Review the Scripting Concepts for some low level details.

  3. Read about Extended Data Guide.

  4. Explore the Hardware Guide and Nion Swift Instrumentation documentation.

  5. See the list of classes, methods, properties API Quick Summary.

  6. Write interactive scripts Python Interactive Scripting Guide.

  7. Write your own plug-in using Customization Using Python Packages and Modules.

  8. Read about the NionUI and the Declarative UI.

  9. Browse the API Reference.

  10. Develop with User Interface.

Getting Help

You can contact us using the email address Sending email to that address will go straight to the developers and we will respond via email. We can also provide contact information for instant message sessions.

More Scripting Resources

The Nion Swift API gives access to the user interface and data. It is intended to be stable, meaning that applications written using the API will remain valid and function the same in the future, independent of changes to Nion Swift itself.

There are many ways to access the API and extend Nion Swift using Python: